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Keyboarding For Special Education


Welcome to T.I.S.E. Website, where we offer over 40 custom keyboarding for Special Education interactive programs for those with different physical, linguistic, and learning abilities. Each is designed to go beyond keyboarding by increasing the users vocabulary and reading level. Just select a lesson from one of our programs and know with confidence that your student will be taught with the care and understanding they need.



Here at T.I.S.E. all programs are designed for each student's special needs and abilities. They all include step-by-step personalized audio instructions with simple visual aids to ensure comprehension. Typing lessons with vocabulary and spelling exercises increase reading level, and matching sentences provide a clear understanding of words being taught.

special education typing lesson

special education vocabulary typing lesson

special education spelling typing lesson

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Ensuring understanding is our first priority, so all typing lessons are read using real human voice with visual guidance.  Editions are suited for all educational levels and abilities with our unique visually-cued keyboard simulation, which allows students to focus only on the keys they are learning until full keyboard mastery is gained.

One of the most important concerns of parents and teachers is the students ability to read on grade level.  To achieve this, targeted typing lesson words are presented with simple-to-understand meaningful sentences written to clearly express its use and meaning.  This method of learning improves communication skills.

Hundreds of spelling lessons are available. New words are selected based on the lesson being taught.  Only one spelling word is presented at a time with a simple sentence, allowing the student to feel comfortable growing with the lessons and progressing at his or her own rate.    Gives students the security and confidence they need to succeed.

All typing programs include an assortment of one, three, and five minute timed writings that are automatically timed and graded.  These timed writings contain sentences from our exclusive library and will also greatly contribute to increasing the students reading level.  Only one line at a time is shown for simplicity.




Hear What Others Have to Say

Bob KraftParent

“The dyslexic program worked out very well. Our son has made great progress using the keyboarding program. Without prompting, we often find him working on the computer using the program, doing the speed tests. He has gone from a starting point of 8 wpm to 18 wpm at this time. He exceeded the IEP goal of 16 wpm that we and the IEP set for him for the fall semester, and now his typing teacher has increased that goal to 25 wpm. I don’t know if he can reach that, but he has surprised us with his current level of achievement. It is a great program and we would highly recommend it.”

Jennifer D.EC – 12th grade school therapist

“Keyboarding by Ability is a great way to teach children how to type using one hand. It has worked great for children with decreased hand function due to fluctuating muscle tone and children with birth defects affecting one hand.”

Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant