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Teachers’ Institute for Special Education was founded in the early 1960s by Jack Heller, researcher, speaker, and pioneer in the field of special education.

In his over thirty-five years of experience in special education working with students and disabled military veterans, Heller developed several adaptive typing programs. Heller wrote four books on typing mastery for those with various handicaps learn typing skills while working with physical disabilities or other handicaps.

In the early 1980s, Heller was joined in his mission to help those with handicaps learn to touch type by his nephew, Gary Byowitz. Together they developed interactive computer programs to further help those with special needs to use keyboards proficiently. These programs were revolutionary as they were the first of their kind.

Today, Teachers’ Institute for Special Education has thirty-eight computer programs for those with different physical, linguistic, and learning abilities.

Our programs are suited to all educational levels and abilities with our unique visually-cued keyboard simulation which allows students to focus only on the keys they are learning. New keys are introduced as the student progresses until full keyboard mastery is gained.

Our mission is to help those with special education needs master touch typing with employable proficiency and speed while always respecting the dignity of those we teach.

With typing programs from Teachers’ Institute for Special Education, you can set your special education students or child up for success! All our programs are created with state and federal educational guidelines in mind to meet all your special educational needs.

We thank you for choosing to continue the legacy of dignity towards all those with special education needs began by Jack Heller.

For My Amazing Uncle JACK HELLER

Jack Heller - Special Education Teacher and Author

Gary Byowitz
President | Software Designer
Teachers’ Institute for Special Education, LLC

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