Jack Heller - Special Education Teacher and Author


Over 40 years of research, development and teaching by Jack Heller and Gary Byowitz: All individual programs were approved and used by the Department of Education of the City of New York for students with special needs. Jack Heller conducted seminars all over the world, taught teachers how to teach a special needs person and wrote many typing books:

How to Master Touch Typing Step-by-Step
Typing for the Physically Handicapped
Typing for Individual Achievement
Basic Typing Step-by-Step

In the early 1960’s, Jack Heller (B.S., M.S.), a special education teacher with 35 years experience, saw the need for a course that would teach touch-typing to students with physical handicaps. His research and development led to his book, ‘Typing for the Physically Handicapped’, previously published by McGraw-Hill.

In 1984, Mr. Heller’s nephew, Gary Byowitz, joined his uncle and began writing software programs that would allow students to interactively learn the lessons using computer keyboards. The software program they developed is known today as ‘Keyboarding by Ability’ and includes twenty unique programs for twenty different hand abilities.

The two continued their work together and soon modified and improved the programs to include students who were dyslexic or had other learning challenges.  The course, ‘Keyboarding for Individual Achievement’ was adapted from ‘Typing for Individual Achievement’ and includes versions for the learning disabled, dyslexic, visually limited and hearing impaired.  We made a wonderful team and together transposed all of his lessons into computer programs.

Each program is designed to honor Jack Heller’s commitment to maintain a student’s dignity.  Jack Heller spent years working with students and our great veterans to develop a system that would bring the highest possible results.

Jack Heller - Special Education Teacher and Author

For My Amazing Uncle JACK
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Gary Byowitz, President/Software Designer
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