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Teachers’ Institute for Special Education is an American learning keyboarding company that provides customized special education software and books.

Developed over the years by a pioneer in the special education field. Jack Heller (B.S., M.S.), started researching, developing and teaching touch typing in 1964. He was awarded the Eastern Business Education Association Educator of the Year in 1979 for developing typing for students with special needs.

Our software programs and typing books are based on his books and designed under his direct supervision and guidance. In his over 35 years of classroom experience in special education working with students and disabled military veterans, Heller developed several adaptive typing systems. Heller wrote four books on typing mastery for those with various handicaps learn typing skills while working with physical disabilities or other handicaps.

How to Master Touch Typing Step-by-Step
Typing for the Physically Handicapped
Typing for Individual Achievement
Basic Typing Step-by-Step
by Jack Heller, Published by Gregg/McGraw-Hill

T.I.S.E. provides over 40 custom Apps for those with different physical, linguistic, and learning abilities. Each is designed to go beyond keyboarding by increasing the students spelling and reading level. With our keyboarding Apps, you can set your students and children up for success!

We thank you for choosing to continue the legacy of dignity towards all those with special needs began by Jack Heller.

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