Hearing Impaired

Keyboarding for Individual Achievement – Hearing Impaired Edition, teaches your child or student using visual guidance, audio prompting and sign language symbols, while upgrading language arts at every grade level. Twelve grade levels of spelling words with sentences for comprehension have been written and display automatically while typing to allow users to reach their maximum potential.

Typing Lesson With Hand-Sign

Sign language symbols have been incorporated into each typing lesson to provide additional learning and understanding.  New sentences display as you type.


One of the most important concerns of parents and teachers is a student’s ability to read on grade level.  To achieve this, targeted typing lesson words are presented with simple-to-understand sentences written to clearly express its use and meaning.  Vocabulary words are learned and reinforced through a single or combination of approaches, reading the word with the sentence or typing the word and the sentence.   See our Sentence Manager and Ordering Section below!

Our optional Sentence Manager gives you the flexibility to modify and edit our sentences.   

Sentence Manager

Included in the program are one, three, and five minute speed tests that automatically time and grade the student, as well as a printed record of all exercises. Both are useful in maintaining an accurate record of the student’s progress.

An unlimited number of students may use the program, which means you can have more than one student set up at one computer station.

We have been designing interactive special education programs since 1982 and have always had tremendous success with students using our programs.  Dr. Steven Lependorf, CAS Consultant for T.I.S.E.

Additional Features:

  • Based on Jack Heller’s 30 plus years of actual classroom experience.
  • Visual guidance plus audio prompting for all instructions and typing lessons with optional sign-language.
  • Easy to follow lesson plans.
  • Improves spelling skills, vocabulary and raising reading level by incorporating language arts.
  • Sentences put the vocabulary words in context so that they can be more easily understood.
  • This is like having a tutor right by your side guiding you thru each lesson.
  • Improves students communication skills as they learn to type.
  • New keys are introduced as lessons progress.
  • Encouraging awards are given as you type.
  • Targeted screen alert with correct key suggestion
  • One, three and five minute speed tests.
  • Unlimited Users! Includes a FREE Multi-User Upgrade.
  • Product Key sent instantly to your email.
  • Your child or students will do extremely well with this program.

✓  Optional Sentence Manager allows you to modify/edit our sentences.

✓  Includes a FREE Multi-User Upgrade. 

✓  An unlimited number of students may use the program.

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Program sent instantly to your email address. 

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Note: The Sentence Manager will work with Any Edition of Keyboarding for Individual Achievement.

We have been designing interactive special education programs since 1982 and have always had tremendous success with students using our programs.

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