Keyboarding by Ability – One-Hand Edition is the easiest way to master typing presented with strategies critical for one-hand touch typing success. When the person you are working with has the use of only one hand, you will enjoy using our Keyboarding By Ability program.

Lesson one shows a full visually-cued keyboard with only the home row keys displayed.  We created the only graphical keyboards that take full advantage of assistive technology and activate new keys as you progress.  This is really a powerful component and a proud distinction of our teaching system.  

Students are able to learn at the same pace as everyone else in the class. This greatly enhances self-confidence and creates an optimum teaching situation for the educator.

One Hand Keyboarding

Easily allows the student to focus only on the learned keys.
New keys are introduced as lessons progress.
An assortment of one, three and five minute speed tests are included.
Speed tests do not start until your first keystroke and automatically displays a fully graded report.
An unlimited number of students may use the program.

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Full Use of Right-Hand

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Full Use of Left-Hand

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