Designed for Home School and School Use.
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When the person you are working with has the use of only one-hand, you will enjoy using our ‘Keyboarding by Ability’ interactive tutorial.

Allows a student with one-hand to acquire keyboarding skills through a visually-cued, alphabetical approach using a touch-system designed to reach employable speeds.

This greatly enhances self-confidence and creates an optimum teaching situation for the educator.

Students are able to learn at the same pace as everyone else in the class.


one-hand keyboard


Included in the program are one, three, and five minute timed writings.

Works one-on-one with your child or student with simple to follow lessons that are read with real voice and encouraging feedback.

Select Right or Left Hand Edition.

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 10 | 8 | 7 | Vista® or XP

Edition AB16-L
Full Use of Left-Hand
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Edition AB16-R
Full Use of Right-Hand
$19 / month
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  • Special one-hand home-row exercise’s.
  • Custom charts using our one-hand step-by-step touch typing system.
  • Easy-to-follow keyboard of just the learned keys.
  • Designed to improve spelling and increase reading level.
  • Reads each typing lesson using real human voice.
  • Gives encouraging feedback and Prize Stars.
  • Targeted screen alert with correct key suggestion.
  • One, three and five minute timed writings.
  • Unlimited Users and FREE Upgrades!
  • And More …