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Based on Typing for the Physically Handicapped, by Jack Heller
In fairness to students with special needs, no school or library should be without this program.

This interactive program, methods and charts is custom designed for anyone who is missing or is unable to use any combination of fingers, or who suffer from cerebral palsy and may be able to use only one or two fingers at best. It is the only program on the market that addresses these abilities. Twenty-one unique editions have been developed based on ability.

Below is The Master Edition Ability Menu
Each Edition is Also Available Individually By AB# For School or Home Use

Simply Select Your Ability From The Master Menu And You Will Be Presented With A
Custom Twenty-Two Lesson Keyboarding Course For Your Specific Ability!

Master Ability Edition 

We are especially proud of this keyboarding program based on ‘Typing for the Physically Handicapped’.  The Author, Jack Heller spent years researching and working with individuals and our Great Veterans with missing digits to develop a method for each ability that would bring the highest  possible results.

Using the guide keys and the lesson material that matches their ability, students are able to learn at the same pace as everyone else in the class. This greatly enhances their self-confidence and creates an optimum teaching situation for the educator.

Keyboarding by Ability – Master Edition is available for Schools, Libraries, and Resource Centers.  This edition includes a menu that features all twenty-one programs listed below (AB1 – AB20) for a total of 440 ability specific typing lessons that will allow any person to select a full twenty-two lesson custom typing course, regardless of which combination of fingers they are able to use.

An unlimited number of users may use the program.

Additional Features:

✓  Custom charts with hand or finger placement based on ability.

✓  Special home-row exercise’s for each ability designed to build a strong foundation.

✓  Easy-to-follow keyboard of just the learned keys.

✓  Gives encouraging feedback and prize Stars.

✓  Targeted screen alert with correct key suggestion.

✓  An unlimited number of students may use the program.

✓  One, three and five minute speed tests.

✓  Speed tests do not start until your first keystroke.

✓  Includes a FREE Multi-User Upgrade. 

✓  An unlimited number of users may use the program.


Program Review:

  • Introduction (hand or finger placement and techniques)
  • Lessons 1-10 Alphabet
  • Lessons 11-14 Numbers
  • Lessons 15-22 Symbols
  • An assortment of one, three and five minute timed writings.
  • Special Help Section devoted to learning to type capital letters.

Windows IconWindows® 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista®, ME, 98
(Mac requires PC emulation program)

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Master Edition:   Reg $1,999   Now $1,499
Individual Editions:   Reg
$149.95   Now $99.95

NOTE:   Do not count the thumb as a finger when making your AB# selection. (individual editions)

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