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“The dyslexic program worked out very well. Our son has made great progress using the keyboarding app. Without prompting, we often find him working on the computer using the program, doing the speed tests. He has gone from a starting point of 8 wpm to 18 wpm at this time. He exceeded the IEP goal of 16 wpm that we and the IEP set for him for the fall semester, and now his typing teacher has increased that goal to 25 wpm. I don’t know if he can reach that, but he has surprised us with his current level of achievement. It is a great app and we would highly recommend it.”
Thanks, Bob Kraft

“Keyboarding by Ability is a great way to teach children how to type using one hand. It has worked great for children with decreased hand function due to fluctuating muscle tone and children with birth defects affecting one hand.”
Jennifer D.
Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant
EC – 12th grade school therapist

“Thank you for this typing program, I am using it with great success with my students. My school has now subscribed to the LD edition program having seen how good it was.

The students really like this subject, enjoy the activity and are stimulated by the opportunity for demonstrated success at each small step. It is also a very relevant life skill. The students remained focused throughout and were eager to continue.

Tom has shown remarkable improvement. Previously, he was easily distracted, slouched at the keyboard and slowly picked keys with one index finger. He is now focused, uses correct posture and types with both hands and returns fingers to the home keys.

Jane is of short stature and would always fold her legs under the chair and would prefer to self instruct than accept guidance. Now she obtains her footrest and works independently and follows instructions assiduously. She is progressing very rapidly.

Phoebe, Mark and Kate are more advanced students and this course has helped them to develop great pride in their achievements. This boost in self-esteem is spurring them to set and achieve higher goals for themselves. They are now eager to move ahead and learn independently.

At the other end of the class spectrum, students are learning valuable skills. They are learning to remain on task, follow instructions, ask for help and improve manual dexterity while improving their ability to rapidly locate letters on the keyboard.

Teaching these lessons has been a rewarding experience.”

regards, Marie Ryan