Visually Limited


Designed for Home School and School Use.
Set Your Students and Children Up For Success!

Students with visual limitations will greatly benefit from the “Keyboarding for Individual Achievement – Visually Limited Edition” due to the addition of real human speech, extra large fonts and enhanced visual guidance with magnified windows.

All menus, instructions, typing lessons are presented audibly. Plus, when the student is making a lesson choice from the main menu, a magnified window and audio provides easy identification of the lesson number.

hearing impaired and deaf apps


Works one-on-one with your child or student with simple to follow lessons that are read with real voice and encouraging feedback.

Included in the program by grade level are one, three, and five minute timed writings.

Select your students level.

System Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 10 | 8 | 7 | Vista® or XP

Elementary School Edition
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Middle School Edition
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Junior High School Edition
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High School Edition
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  • Multiple magnified visual aids.
  • Easy-to-follow large keyboard of just the learned keys.
  • New keys are introduced as lessons progress.
  • Every menu choice, instruction and typing lesson is read using real human voice.
  • Gives encouraging feedback and Prize Stars.
  • Typing lesson words are presented with a simple-to-understand sentence.
  • Targeted screen alert with correct key suggestion.
  • Special home-row exercise’s designed to build a strong foundation.
  • One, three and five minute speed tests by grade level.
  • Speed tests do not start until your first keystroke.
  • Optional Sentence Manager allows you to modify and edit our sentences.
  • Unlimited Users and FREE Upgrades!
  • And More …